What is Knooking?
Combining Both Crochet and Knitting, Knooking is an Innovative Method of Knitting with a crochet hook
What is knooking? Think crochet hook + fabric that has been knitted. Knooking has been said to be the new style of knitting, using a specially designed crochet hook.
Why Use a Knook?
The knook is a special crochet hook that helps you to create knitted fabric, without the worry of dropping stitches, as can be encountered with regular knitting. Using a knook with an attached cord completely prevents dropped stitches.
With a knook (hook), you create actual knitted stitches. It is the new knitting with a hook, hence the name \"knook\" or \"knooking.\"
Kooking is said to have originated in Japan.


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