Rainbow Row Counter Rings

Rainbow Row Counter Rings
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    • Made from high quality Stainless Steel - coated using a special technology
    • Now available in mesmerizing Rainbow colour
    • Hypoallergenic
    • No need to pick a second accessory - sits right at your finger to track your knitting pattern
    • Available in six most popular sizes
    • How to Use:
    • Ideally to be worn on index finger or thumb
    • Push the required number band towards the center for easy rotation
  • How to measure your ring size

 Cut a strip of paper or a piece of string. The paper should be no wider than 1.9cm (3/4") and at least 10cm (4") long.
Wrap the paper or string around the base of the finger to be sized.
Mark the string or paper where it completes the circle. It should neither be too tight, nor slip off easily.
Measure the length of the paper or string. Measure from the beginning to the mark with a ruler or tape measure.
Find the measurement on the chart below to find the corresponding ring size.
Measured length

mm   Size

  54       7

  56       8

  59       9

  62      10

  65      11

  68      12




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